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A story line based upon the series Black cat. Choose to be a sweeper working for money, an eraser working for Chronos or a simple civilian.
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 Saya Minatsuki

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PostSubject: Saya Minatsuki   Saya Minatsuki I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 4:24 pm

Name Saya Minatsuki
Age 17
Preferred 'Sweeps': The psycho ones of course
Saya Minatsuki (サヤ=ミナツキ?) is an accomplished sweeper, whose fun loving spirit and easy likability allows her to form a friendship with Train. Her involvement with him leads to his more human outlook on life and his departure from Chronos. She is killed by Creed, who believes that Train's personality change is a curse due to her. Before dying, she tells Train to "forget about her", which causes him to struggle while deciding to get revenge on Creed or not. Her "spirit" lives on, often guiding Train and his friends and giving them strength. She is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in the Japanese anime, and Caitlin Glass in the English dub.

Saya has no memories of her life before the age of ten, due to heavy abuse from her parents. Her first real memory is waking up in hospital and being carried off to a relative's house. She constantly feels alone until becoming a sweeper, which best suits her personality and way of thinking. She constantly wears a yukata, though it is strange to others, just because she thinks she looks cute in it. She develops the "Reflect Shot" over the course of five years. It allows her to fire bullets that ricochet off hard surfaces and strike opponents at odd angles and different velocities. It requires heavy marksmanship experience and a great deal of projectile calculation. All in all, Saya is a gifted sweeper that gave Train a different view on life; she also made him able to smile again, and meeting her, Train quit Chronos. In the end of the anime, Train is seen walking past Saya's spirit.
(This is in the anime however)

Personality She's chipper and hyperactive. She tends to joke and prod people, especially Train.
Weapon of choice Revolver
Crushes Train
Likes Milk and singing
Dislikes People saying her outfit isn't cute (Like Train Does XD)
Fears Death (a bit)
Specialty Intellegence, quick on her feet
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Saya Minatsuki
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