Battle Royalle

A story line based upon the series Black cat. Choose to be a sweeper working for money, an eraser working for Chronos or a simple civilian.
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 Sapphire Vollfied

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PostSubject: Sapphire Vollfied   Sapphire Vollfied I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 5:43 pm

Name Sapphire Vollfied
Codename Blue Jewel
Age teens
Preferred 'Sweeps' The dumber ones
Sapphire is Sven and Nami's daughter and it shows. She's constantly causing trouble and hell-raising. Her personality is a thorough mix of her father's and her mother's. She's got the cunning, lady-like charm of her father and the playfulness of her mother. She tends to always be in danger though, being a huge cluts and seems to attract danger.
Personality Fun-loving and hyper-ish

She has a pet cat named Shiro. The small cat is more than meets the eye. Shiro can see what people think and can actually slip into people's dreams. This helps her locate people and helps Sapphire who frequently has nightmares. As well, Shiro can soothe any tense feelings with a brush of her fur.

Sapphire met a strange boy during one of her sweeps of the city. She imedeatly thought he was cute and attempted flirting, but she insulted him and she left. Sapphire soon met the boy at a cafe and apologized and even bought him the last cart of orange juice (though he didn't know) She soon went to see his sick mother out of curiousity. Seeing his dedication, she instantly fell in love with him. She teases him, but she's usually shy around him. He's the only one who can keep her quiet.

Weapon of choice bow and arrow
Crushes Arrogance, smart
Likes Food!
Dislikes money.. she's always broke.. like her father
Fears spiders, snakes and heights
Specialty- she's well balanced

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Sapphire Vollfied
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